The calculator for makers.

Build models and scaled objects quicker and with more accuracy using Scale-o-Tron

Model builders, architects, board gamers, doll makers, train enthusiasts, sculptors, set designers, and anyone else that builds things to scale can focus on their craft and art rather than spending time on conversions and calculations.

Scale-o-Tron features a large database of preprogrammed scales, measurement units and conversions so that you can work in the scale and system that’s best for your model. The calculator can also be easily customized to accommodate your workflow. Also, no ads or tracking.

Features include:

  • 100 commonly used scales organized into categories. You can also create your own scales and store them for quick access.
  • Measurement units in imperial and metric, including many historical units (handy if you reference old schematics or literature).
  • Seamless and easy conversion between scales, units, or both. Scale up or down.
  • Fractional and decimal rounding. A huge time saver when building for accuracy. You control the rounding resolution.
  • Your last 100 conversions and calculations are stored for quick access.
  • Fractions are easy to input and you determine the best display format for your workflow.
  • Customizable buttons make the calculator work the way you want it to.
  • Scaling and unit conversions can be switched on and off easily. Use Scale-o-Tron like a standard calculator, if you wish.
  • Memory functions
  • Backspace key

If you are building from scratch or adding scale objects to your model, Scale-o-Tron can help. It’s the calculator for makers.

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